Feeling stuck?

Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

So you want to jump out of your comfort zone but feel stuck?

Do you find you are stuck with old ways of doing things? That you want to try something new, but you are being held back? Or are you afraid of failing? These are just some of the things that can hold us back from going outside of our comfort zones. Being in our comfort zone feels more familiar and safer which makes it harder for so many people to leave their bubble and expand their skills, knowledge and achievements.

One quote that I love was by Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”.

This is so true and once your mind has been stretched by new beliefs of what you can do it never goes back to fearing stepping out of your comfort zone.

How to stretch your mind

I like to think of our comfort zone as a muscle. And muscles need to be worked to keep their strength. But the amazing thing is once you have done the hard work and take a break it is easier for people to build it back up again.

One powerful tip is to take action. By taking action each day it reinforces your mind that this is what you want. Plus, every time you reinforce the action it gets more familiar making it easier and easier to reach your end goals. Build up that muscle and it will be able to reach the same expansion when a new task comes along that is also out of your comfort zone.

Make it as simple as 1,2,3

How would you want to see yourself in 21 days? Achieving your goal, feeling confident, able to do everything that you once feared to do.

I use some powerful tools which allows us to guide your mind and find the root of what is causing this block and fear so it can be removed. After 21 days of listening to a mind-coding recording you can have a new positive mindset with confidence to get out of your comfort zone.

Some clients see a difference straight away, some have a lag time and some only realise how far they have come when they look back and see all the things that they have achieved that that they once couldn’t do.

By instructing your mind it gives it clear direction on what it needs to do. What are you going to instruct your mind to do?

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  • Rebecca this resonated with me this morning – I have booked a discovery call and looking forward to it! I really liked the analogy of the comfort zone is like a muscle.

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