Hallowe’en Yoga

Hallowe'en Yoga
Amber Webster
Written by Amber Webster

This Halloween let’s tap into the darker side of yoga with some haunting balance work and challenging moon-focussed poses.

This year Hallowe’en falls just a few days after the rise of a new moon. I had previously questioned whether I should include a Hallowe’en theme into my classes this year but then I thought, ‘why not?’ This is modern yoga after all! Unleashing our creative spirit and making yoga accessible is what we are all about so some creepy adaptations on the traditional classics have made the cut.

If you are looking for some spirited inspiration for your home yoga practice on All Hallow’s Eve, check out some of the asana suggestions below. You can even add some atmospheric music from our track listing which is far less commercial than ‘The Addams Family’ theme tune but still creates an eerie backdrop:

Easy adaptations for most basic poses:

  • Clawed hands create poise and a sinister stance
  • Hunched backs create long and beneficial back stretches
  • Straight arms and locked knees add a zombie feel
  • Metamorphose from each animal pose for a new moon awakening vibe
  • Rocking from side-to-side is just plain spooky

Specialist Pinnacle Poses

  • Werewolf pose an adaptation from Downward Dog to Three-Legged Dog to a Knee-to-Nose Tiger-esque tuck
  • Spider pose -a seated forward lunge with fingers spread wide and mimicking a crawling spider
  • Zombie pose – Mountain pose with a one-leg balance with the front leg and arms extended in front
  • Sea monster – Add a twist to your Cobra
  • Risen from the deadPlough pose with extended arms
  • Half MoonChallenging and scary enough in its traditional form!
  • And of course, we can’t forget Corpse pose

Track Listing

  • Lana Del Ray – Gods and Monsters (instrumental)
  • Halsey – Ghost
  • Florence & The Machine – Cosmic Love (instrumental)
  • Chris Isaac – Wicked Game (Chillion Remix)

And remember…

“The Moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses”