Letting go of stress

Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

Your mind can stop you from letting go of stress!

Did you know that your mind could be preventing you from having the relaxed life that you want?

What does stress look like?

Stress can show up in a range of different ways. It can show up physically and mentally.

Physical symptoms include fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, chest pain and restlessness.

Mental symptoms can show as feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, unfocused, memory trouble, worrying and racing thoughts.

You might find your symptoms increase the more you are exposed to being stressed, but how has your mind made this feeling familiar?

Stress could be familiar

What do I mean by that? Your mind loves to keep you in a stressed state if it is familiar to you because the rule of the mind is ‘your mind likes what is familiar’.

People who have grown up around stress and their parents/carers saying, ‘I can’t cope’, ‘I’m so stressed out’ or ‘I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday; I don’t think I can make it to the end of the week’ can find that stress is familiar to their mind.

This type of talk can be passed down generations and creates a belief in your mind about stress and how it is affecting you.

What talk have you got in your mind when you feel stressed? Can you turn this around and make it positive to help your mind relax?

One of my favourite affirmations is turning ‘I can’t cope’ into ‘I can cope’. Change the words in your mind to change how you feel and take a step closer to releasing your stress.

How your mind is holding onto stress and how to release it

To help you understand, picture your stress like a balloon…

My clients have been held back, much like a balloon tied to a chair. They want to make changes to their life and let something go, whether that’s letting go of stress, negative thoughts, feelings of not being able to cope and so much more. But unless they cut the cord, stress can’t float away and be removed from their lives.

By going into your past and finding the relevant memories that are holding this balloon to you we can show your mind that this stress is no longer relevant.

During a session with me this is what we do, and it allows you to be able to let whatever you no longer need float away. 

What is being tied to you right now that you want to let go, but can’t?

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