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Hello, I’m Rachael Marsh, a Holistic, Spiritual, Creative Nutritional Therapist. I’ve been researching nutrition for over 30 years. My aim is to change people’s entire consciousness about their body and health, to encourage them to replace the word illness with ‘health challenges’ and life threatening with ‘health goal.’ I prefer to refer to people as health clients (never patients).

How I work

To help my clients to the very best of my ability I look at every aspect of their life in order to bring about transformation. I’ve detailed some elements below that you can examine and make changes where needed.


Your life span can be significantly extended through diet.

Improve your food choices:

  • Eliminate refined sugar and molasses, replacing these with desiccated or creamed coconut, cherries, plums and fresh figs as sweeteners.
  • Eat berries (including bananas!), some citrus fruits, apples, plums, rhubarb and exotic fruits.
  • Eat more cruciferous and root vegetables, particularly in the winter, and Chinese leaf.
  • Choose free-range meat and oily fish for non-vegetarians, some dairy, eggs, naked nuts, seeds and pulses.
  • Add fresh herbs to your meals.
  • Add more spices in the winter and other ‘hot’ foods (such as garlic and oranges).
  • Eat more ‘cool’ foods such as apples and celery in the summer.

Diet Tips using Ayurveda Principles

  • Fruit should be eaten in isolation: either thirty minutes before other foods or at least two hours afterwards.
  • Melon should be eaten apart, even from other fruits due to its quick digestion.
  • Vegetables and fruits should not be combined.
  • Consume alkaline nuts (Brazil nuts and almonds) rather than peanuts which are acidic and sometimes fungus-coated (this aflatoxin can be carcinogenic).

Eating Disorders

If you struggle with an eating disorder (over/under/binge eating) I can work with you to tackle this. I used to have such a condition which disappeared once I stopped consuming refined sugar and alcohol.


Remove coffee and alcohol from your diet and replace them with fruit and herbal teas, plant-based calcium-enriched, unsweetened milks and vegetable juices.

I encourage drinking lukewarm water in three gulps, whilst sitting down. (An Ayurvedic medical principle).

I encourage you to eat and drink outdoors is because it’s very beneficial for your mental and physical health due to getting fresh air, vitamin D and being out in nature.


Look at your exercise patterns. Then consider a range of exercises such as swimming, walking, tennis, cycling, gentle jogging, Pilates, Zumba/salsa/swing/Bollywood dancing. I also recommend you exercise outdoors when possible.

Incorporate a spiritual energy practice such as Tai Chi and Falun Gong. Falun Gong is a very powerful Buddhist energy practice with enormous health benefits. I recommend that you only try one spiritual energy practice at a time to avoid creating conflicting energies and damaging your body and health.

Mental Health

I may encourage therapy. CBT, Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Bereavement counselling, Trauma therapy and others.

Lifestyle elements

Examine the toiletries you use – the chemicals in these products can affect us. I encourage organic deodorants, vegan cosmetics and soaps and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Take a good look at your lifestyle in general. Is your house pleasing, energetic, light, spacious and cheerful? Do you feel nourished by the colour of their walls? Is your garden/outdoor space attractive with flourishing plants and shrubs?

Your relationships with friends/family/significant other can positively or negatively impact your mental and physical health. So be honest and consider which relationships are they healthy and happy and which are not.

What do you do in your spare time? Do you make time for hobbies such as listening to music, spending time being creative in a way that brings you joy? Have you found your Spiritual path or do you need some guidance?

During my sessions with you I will delve into the above elements and more in greater detail. We will then work together to improve those areas we identify as problematic or need improvement.

If you would like a free thirty minute consultation, please call me on +44 7818 431 016. I am on Whats App, Skype, Signal and Zoom.

My email is: rachaelmarsh31@gmail.com

Main photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

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