New Year, New You! (or is that me?)

Holly Plackett
Written by Holly Plackett

Well hello. I am now back at my desk having had a great two week break. Lots of lovely lie ins, plenty of good food and lots of splendid dog walks along the beach and in the woods. I feel refreshed and motivated and raring to begin 2015.
Exciting things happened just before Christmas – we got an offer on our house. Woo hoo. This means our plan to move to the south coast now has legs. All we need now is to find a house that fits our rather long must-have list – I will keep you posted.

I don’t always make New Year’s Resolutions but this year I did.
1. Manage my anger better without medication (shhhh don’t tell the Dr but I’m weaning myself off my tablets, not waiting ’til April!)
2. Become healthier – I eat healthily but I tend to not exercise short of walking to and from school and work

My wonderful other half bought me a Yoga Mat for Christmas (this might be due to me going on and on about yoga and holistic therapies over the last few months. Ooops.) I haven’t enrolled in a Yoga class yet but I have begun following a beginners video on Do Yoga With Me which is a short variation on Sun Salutations. It’s only 19 minutes long but so far I have only managed 13 minutes before running out of puff. I have been following this video every other day since I got my mat and I hope that with time I will get stronger and finally finish the video.

What I have noticed about myself is my lack of flexibility. As a child I had problems with my achilles tendon and I have never been able to touch my toes with straight legs. I am hoping that not only will yoga assist with my healthier resolution but might also increase my flexibility.

If I am brave enough I might add a little image of me on my yoga mat – but I’m not sure I’m that brave (yet!)