Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy
Antonio John
Written by Antonio John

What role can Nutritional Therapy play in a society filled with an abundance of health information from different doctors, specialists, and self-proclaimed internet health guru’s?

Well in a nutshell, Nutritional Therapy is simply working with healthy individuals to prevent disease, or to work with individuals that have already developed disease, to minimise the symptoms of said disease. The role of a Nutritional Therapist is not necessarily to heal an individual from disease, but rather to use natural remedies and nutrients to minimise health symptoms.

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Whilst we are all told that we should ideally have our 5 a day in fruits, it is apparent to me that most people in our overdriven technological age believe they are simply too busy to take the time out of their day to eat the right foods, and therefore end up defaulting to ready-made meals from supermarkets, or takeaways from restaurants. However, as a Nutritional Therapist I have come to learn that there are a lot of unseen factors that also contribute to an individual’s overall health and risk of developing disease.

Environmental Factors

A factor that people do not usually take into consideration when it comes to their health is environment. Whilst this may at first bring images of slums, or shanty towns being over-populated and people living in cramped situations with poor or non-existent hygiene. The crowded, polluted streets of a place like London or New York can have an effect just as powerful, if not more so than that of a third world slum, and affect the individuals in ways that are undetectable until it has become much too late to do anything about the disease. One such example would be in the case of the notorious cancer disease, which generally tends to develop through its initial (and usually reversible) stages without even leaving a hint, until the affected individual has become much too sick for any treatment to work effectively.

Something as simple, and unexpected as exhaust fumes or plastic bottles can be a major factor in the way an individual’s health is affected. ‘More than 5,000 people die prematurely from conditions like lung cancer and heart disease because of emissions, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.’

‘Exhaust from aeroplanes cause a further 2,000 deaths annually while emissions from the energy and industrial sectors and pollution originating from Europe bring the overall total up to 19,000 deaths per year in Britain.’

In contrast official figures state that 1,850 people were killed as a result of road accidents in 2010.’ (Nick Collins, 2012)

As a Nutritional Therapist it is my passion to shed light on information showing the effect of exhaust fumes, plastic bottles, mental states, belief systems and many other overlooked factors that all contribute to an individual’s health, and diseases that develop without seeming to have a genetic, or specific point of origin. It has become apparent that diseases are not necessarily developed simply through a single exposure to something that is toxic, or infected, but also through repeated exposure to something that in and of itself seems completely harmless.


Once more, it is not helpful that many people believe in the one diet for all concept. Whilst it may apply to an individual at a point in their life, it may be completely wrong for another. Take for example the Paleo diet, whilst this may be all one individual needs, another person’s body simply will not accept it, but they will instead function better on a vegan or Mediterranean diet.

The Role of a Nutritional Therapist

The role of a Nutritional Therapist therefore is to work with healthy individuals to prevent disease development through diet, and study of their environment and mind. It is also to work with sickened individuals to minimise symptoms of diseases they may have already developed.

All whilst using personalised diet plans, and exercise regimes to keep the individual’s body working at its optimal level, so that the individual can carry out their daily tasks with energy, vitality, and end their day with a peaceful, full nights rest.

This is the aim of my practice as a Nutritional Therapist, to help create a healthier, happier world one person at a time. By combining my therapy services with my personal trainer service I hope to offer a comprehensive service, at a price that is unbeatable.

Testimonials about Nutritional Therapists:

Kathryn UK therapist: “I first approached Kathryn when I noticed that my young children were always so tired. Kathryn gave me some easy tips on how to change their eating habits and recommended certain vitamins, all of which made a huge difference. She even recommended some supplements to help my daughter with a reoccurring virus and it’s massively helped.

I also attended a workshop Kathryn ran on sugar, which was simple to follow, informative and extremely interesting. I now look at the packets of all the food my family are eating and have been able to make easy swaps where necessary. Kathryn is so knowledgeable and makes it all so simple – my family and I have never felt better.” – Angharad

“Kathryn gave me some great practical advice on improving my health after a long period of not feeling well. Just by adopting a few of the changes she advised, I had much more energy and felt better than I had in years. Kathryn is very knowledgeable and manages to explain complex processes in the body really clearly, so you actually understand why what you eat is having such an effect on your whole body” – Aaron