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Holly Plackett
Written by Holly Plackett

Whilst reading a Yoga lifestyle magazine the other day I came across several pages detailing various websites that offer online yoga classes but the one thing they had in common was that a monthly subscription was required to be able to use them. Having already posted about Lick’s “Pay what you can” Yoga classes I set about trying to find good quality, free, online classes to share with you. The best site I came across was the Do Yoga With Me website.

I set about exploring their website. The first thing that peaked my interest was the assertion that the videos were 100% free, there is nothing worse than being lured into a website only to find what they promise you is not fulfilled. The videos on Do Yoga With Me, are indeed 100% free, there are small adverts gently asking for donations to help support the production of the videos, but this is completely at your own discretion and operated on a pay what you can basis. If you enjoy the videos and gain help from them then a donation would clearly be appreciated so that more videos can be produced but this is never insisted upon.

What next caught my eye was the class search function. Now I am new to Yoga, I have never practised it (considered it many times) however whilst working on this project I have felt myself being drawn more and more towards trying out yoga. So here goes. The search function enabled me to select my difficulty level (abject beginner), the length of class I wished to try (0-20 min – taster length I reckon), the style ( I left this blank as I’m not sure what style suits me yet) and the teacher (again I left this blank so that I could see a range of different teacher’s classes). The search returned a good stash of classes all under 20 minutes for the beginner. So which to choose? Hmmm…

Release the Neck with David Procyshyn

At the moment I am struggling with a painful neck which is probably due to bad posture, sitting at a computer for 7 hours, using my tablet and mental tension which is exhibiting itself physically. I have tried daily to stay relaxed and hold my head correctly to no avail and I’m really loathe to visit my GP about it. So when I saw that the first class on the beginner search was for “Release the Neck” with  David Procyshyn I thought “great, I’ll give this a go each day for the next few days and see if this helps me” and give it a go I did.

I reasoned with myself that as this was research for my article to promote free online yoga classes (whilst also potentially being therapeutic for my neck) that I would sit and perform the class after my lunch break at work. So I carefully positioned my tablet on my desk and plonked myself down on the floor crossed legged (goodness I haven’t sat like this for a long time – I wonder how long before pins and needles set in). The class is only 16 minutes long and David’s soothing voice and excellent instruction makes the class nice and simple to follow.

Whilst following the class I felt tension in parts of my body which I’m not sure I was supposed to but I don’t do much exercise other than walking my dog and certainly don’t stretch my muscles often, this perhaps suggests that I should begin following some of the other classes Do Yoga With Me offer, to address these tight areas. Anyway I digress, after taking the class my neck certainly felt looser and my shoulders didn’t feel quite so tense any longer, this lasted for several hours after the class. Unfortunately when I awoke this morning my neck was still causing me trouble, I didn’t however expect that one set of exercises would solve my problems and I had planned on using David’s Neck Release for several days running if not on and off for many weeks to come. I never expected the class  to release my mental tension manifested in my shoulders overnight either, that is another area in my life I need to deal with, whether this will be through yoga or simply by slowing my life down and perhaps taking up meditation again I’m not sure yet.

I thought this class was great, pitched perfectly at the beginner, very gentle and very well explained. This afternoon, after my lunch, I shall once again sit down and take this class, perhaps the relief in my neck will last a little bit longer each time.