Rapid Transformational Therapy

Bruce Lipton
Written by Lydz Williams

I would like to start with some very important quotes.

The mind does what it thinks you want it to do, every thought you think has a physical reaction on your body

Marisa Peer, Multi-award winning international and celebrity Hypnotherapist, author, speaker, and creator of RTT.

 You are not a product of your hereditary, our environment influences our genes and that includes our thoughts. Environment controls behaviour and genes.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph. D cell biologist/Epigenetics.

In pursuit of the incredible powers and capabilities of the mind, I followed the phenomenal work of Marisa Peer, eventually becoming a Licensed Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist. I wanted to know and see how RTT was transforming people’s lives around the globe. What I found immensely interesting and different about this unique “stand alone” therapy technique was the speed of identifying root causes and the permanent transformation that follows.

RTT deals with a presenting issue and rapidly accesses the root cause. Once accessed, it is fully investigated layer upon layer to identify and interpret the meaning and why and how it has been stored in the subconscious as a belief without you realising it was ever there. Beliefs “that don’t serve your best interests”, can manifest and lay dormant in the subconscious for many, many years – since childhood – affecting your thoughts, your actions, and your behaviours in so many destructive and restricting ways. When understanding is realised, then the magic begins.

You can’t heal what you don’t understand

Marisa Peer

RTT uses a complimentary combination of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. RTT uses phenomenally powerful and unique techniques of “interruptions” to unwanted beliefs and behaviours as you collaborate with your mind during regressive hypnosis. RTT also uses the amazing technique of command cell therapy that works on a cellular level to reactivate and reset the body’s ability to heal itself back to balance and harmony. Science has already proved through neuroplasticity that we can successfully rewire our mind neurons.

Many clients receive enlightening “ah ha” moments as they begin to fully understand themselves and their minds and how to take back their power after what feels like a lifetime of exhausting battles.

But it doesn’t end there, with the techniques of RTT you are able to reframe those old beliefs, actions, and behaviours to move you forward in your desired life much stronger and more resilient with complete and permanent clarity and healing. This is only achieved by using RTT techniques and tools for wiring and firing new circuits of belief to obliterate old outworn destructive beliefs that cannot and will not affect you again.

If you think that’s it, there is more – every client receives a unique, personal, and bespoke transformational recording from their session– I call it the SUPERPOWER finale. The short powerful recording is listened to for 21 continuous days (and more, it’s yours forever) and WOW, you become unstoppable in your desired life.

Brief session excerpt:

Therapist – (me). – “So, what is the connection of these 3 past scenes you have reviewed?”

Client – “Feeling shut down, ignored, different, not listened to, to be quiet, I am not worthy, fear, upset and confused, not cared for, unloved, I am irrelevant.”

Therapist – “How is this connection affecting your life now?”

Client – Pause and deep breaths (question repeated). “Oh my goodness, I see now, the realisation – my fear of speaking up in groups and difficulty making friends all my life.” (emotional expression) “I have believed I am not interesting to others or even myself, I have let it damage my self-esteem with self-sabotaging and this has truly crippled me since I was 6 years old. I have struggled with self-worth all this time.” (Emotional expression in the form of tears is encouraged as part of the healing process).

Further into the session and using another RTT tool, the client discovered the overall intention of the thoughts, that attached the feelings and resulting behaviour to create the beliefs when he was 6 years old, was trying to serve him as protection to avoid hurt and rejection. When in fact it, those beliefs later formed him and paid him back by manifesting into anxiety, unworthiness, and stress in his adult life.

As babies we are born into this world happily seeking attention and avoiding rejection. A child will attach a feeling to a memory/experience especially when they cannot articulate their feelings or understandings because we are just children living the moment. We are carefree and vulnerable to what we don’t understand. From this tender time in our lives our mind can manifest into becoming a judge, juror, and jailer, and we can refer to the first quote above “the mind does what it thinks you want it to do” because your mind’s job is to keep you going.

As the adults we become, we can change our understanding to take back the power of our minds and know the only person that has the power to reject you, is in fact YOU.

A follow up with the client revealed exactly what he had decided and committed to do by the end of his session and that was the re-framing of his old beliefs that kept him trapped to new incredibly powerful, permanent beliefs that served him in an all empowering way. Because his understanding led to empowerment, he is living his true self now with unshakeable confidence in himself and high performance in his everyday relationships. In turn this has had a magnificently positive knock-on affect to the response he gets from others around him.

The incredible difference with RTT compared to other therapies is exactly what it states, it is rapid – 90 minutes to 2 hours. It does not require weeks and months of talk therapy, extensive hypnosis inductions and never-ending sessions. It delivers results in just one session for complete transformation, no more than three sessions for more serious issues or health conditions.

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