Returning to normal seem scary?

You got this
Tiffany Varpalotai
Written by Tiffany Varpalotai

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I really hope it’s safe to say that slowly we will return to a lifestyle we’ve known as ‘normal’.

But what if it doesn’t feel like normal anymore?

It was such a long time ago when we could meet our friends and family without any restrictions or face coverings, when we could have a meal IN the restaurant, or when we’ve last seen a movie in the cinema.

Have you watched a movie recently, and thought: ‘oh my, they don’t wear masks and they’re standing really close to each other?’

Sometimes it feels like this is a completely different life.

If you think about it, we’ve been missing our beloved humans, our favourite hobbies and entertainment for more than a year now! (Let’s be honest, Zoom is brilliant, but not really-real). So don’t be surprised if you feel confused now that we’re really close to ‘returning to normal’.

And you know what?

Probably the environment around us will return to the same old way: the people will get together, the shops and restaurants will be open, and you can go to your favourite pubs and places whenever you want to.

But ARE YOU going to be the same ‘normal’?

I strongly doubt it, it’s quite an impossible idea to be honest.
If you think about it, you will see, that we’ve been dealing with so many things in this past year, that we are likely to be a changed person, and this is completely fine and normal!

This is the basic human learning method: if you experience something new, you’ll find a way to adapt to the new situation, and as you are dealing with it you’ll probably change. Therefore you simply cannot be the exact same person anymore.

Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

You’ll still be you, but with some extra life experience, which will help you with any future decision, as you’ll see different points of views, that you wouldn’t consider otherwise.
Here’s a small example: back in the normal days, you were always in the middle of the crowd, you’ve never wanted to be left out, so even when it was a little overwhelming you stayed within the group. What if, during this year, you’ve experienced being alone, or with fewer people around you, and you’ve actually enjoyed it very much? How will you put these two completely different attitudes together and still be loyal to yourself?

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