Sometimes words just won’t shift it

The Owl and Coconut

We get lost in our own heads. Consumed by the words, the pain, the worry, the plans, the “what if’s”, the fear! It just whirls round and round in our minds. Draining our energy, bringing us down. We get stuck.

Where’s that break glass box? That chain you used to pull on a train to make it stop! Stop the train, I want to get off! I feel sick, motion sickness. I’m left wondering how everyone else is coping? What’s wrong with me?! Why can’t I cope? These thoughts can lead us to hide away, to mask the thoughts and feelings. To bury them.

What if there’s another way? Useful real-life tools for on-the-spot relief and ongoing support as we journey through our lives? Well, there blumin’ is!  And that is our mission at The Owl and The Coconut. As psychotherapists with years and years of experience in helping people to overcome the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.  We have distilled this experience into the beautiful combination of simple mindful meditations, to stop the busy train of the mind and easy art practices to soften and soothe our minds, so that we can drop into the heart for rest, retreat, and to gain deeper insights, from ourselves about ourselves. To turn to the wisdom we all hold within us, so that we can move from living in our heads to living from our hearts, for a better life, for greater levels of happiness, for increased health, and for improved connection to our higher selves.

We need tools to settle the mind, so that we can rest. In this rest we can find peace. Peace to play, to doodle, to be, with no expectations, demands or judgement. In this restful, open space, we find the way out, we exit the cycle. We move from being trapped in our heads to being guided by the expansive space of our hearts.

Our Mindful Art Practice, (MAPS) provides connection to this golden space. In just 8 weeks we teach you tools to notice your thoughts, to use the bridge of curiosity, to sit with the difficult and how to use simple art making to soften, soothe and allow. Allowing you to connect to the whispers of your heart, to feel grounded and present in the moment. To live with ease and grace.

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