Space Clearing

Sakhmet Campbell
Written by Sakhmet Campbell

What does burning Sage and Activating a Tuning Fork have in common? They and many other tools are being used daily somewhere on our beautiful planet to Space Clear.

In this article and as the title suggests, I will be talking about Space Clearing and its importance within our Spiritual Journey, particularly if you live and share your personal and private space with others.

Space Clearing is removing unwanted or toxic energy from your personal and private space. This can be from your Etheric/Astral bodies and your private spaces where you live and work.

Arriving at and maintaining a level of Spiritual growth requires self-discipline, and the right tools for maintenance. Space Clearing is one of the main disciplines necessary for Spiritual Mastery.

We need to introduce space clearing into our lives to safeguard and protect ourselves as we progress on our Spiritual Journey. I make this statement, because Space Clearing has been an integral part of my daily routine throughout my spiritual practices. As a matter of fact, the regularity with which I Space Clear has meant that I have spent significant portions of my personal budget on various tools that I have found very effective. Many of these I share with you in this article.

We Space Clear because we are conscious that thoughts and energies can affect our physical bodies and culminate and manifest as illnesses. When we are clearing, we are intuitively working knowing that we don’t have to see the energy we are removing from the space, however we can feel it, smell, sense and sometimes taste it.

Essentially, we are all one sea of Energy vibrating at different frequencies. When scientists study the physical body and take their attention to the atoms and subatomic particles such as Proton, Neutrons, Electrons and Quarks, Biaps and Zeles, they have found that they are dealing with Energy not the material plane (the Physical dimension, that which you can see and touch). They have found you to be predominantly Energy.

This is where I would like you to look at the varying fields of energy and vibrations that surround the human body, the Aura which connects us to the Astral planes. Please bear in mind that your Aura spans an average 8 feet out from the physical body. These fields are overlapping and are Electromagnetic in their respective states.

When we familiarise ourselves with this sea of energy, we come to realise that each band of colour around the human body vibrates at a different frequency. Hence, we need to ask ourselves the question: is it possible that each human being may have a different vibration to the next?

The answer is a resounding YES. The fact remains that our thoughts create the rate of frequency in our Auric field, and this varies from moment to moment, day to day depending on our experiences and emotional responses. Some days or weeks our Auric field will be vibrating at a much higher frequency to the next and therefore Space Clearing is important to maintain efficacy for our spiritual growth.  

Space Clearing is particularly important before moving into your new home and/or office, as well as when visitors come and go from your private space. Returning home from work and clearing your Aura can prove very beneficial. This can help to keep your home lighter in energy, and you and your family will always feel more invigorated and focussed in a lighter space.

Given we spend a significant amount of time sharing and experiencing another person’s Auric field, we may be walking around with energy that does not belong to us. Sometimes the headache we are experiencing is not ours, hence the need for continuous personal Space Clearing.

When we start Space Clearing it is important that we start with ourselves, and we should do this by cleansing the Auric Field. For this we would need to be still and focus, then pull in our Aura close to our physical body and imagine a waterfall raining through our Auric field with full intentions to cleanse and clear. We can also ask our Higher Self to Cleanse our Auric field as and when necessary and you will notice a difference. We should not become dependent on our Higher Self for this purpose however, as being accountable ensures a responsible approach to your growth and expansion.

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