Start Now, Not Monday

Setting Goals
Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

Why you should start working towards your goals now, not Monday.

Do you always say to yourself and others ‘I am going to start Monday’, ‘I am going to try again Monday’, ‘I am going to stop doing this on Monday’? No matter what your goal is, whether it is healthy eating, exercising more or starting to work towards that new or existing goal, your mind doesn’t understand what you are instructing it to do.

Words your mind doesn’t understand

One rule of the mind is your mind doesn’t understand future tense. It doesn’t understand these words and phrases: Monday, later, tomorrow, in a few days, next week, soon, I am going to, or I will do that. All these words we tell our mind are being pushed aside and ignored. Your mind isn’t interested in them and it won’t help you stick to achieving the goal you are trying to install and achieve.

There are so many people that speak to their mind in this way, you are not alone.

We tell our minds the wrong things because we see other people doing it. We can grow up around it and experience it from such a young age. When we start school for the very first time it was on a Monday, we start that new job on a Monday and so many other big steps of our lives have started on Monday.

Monday is familiar.

Break this rule and start giving your mind the RIGHT words.

How to set a goal up with success

What goal do you want to start achieving and start right now?

By saying you are going to start ‘NOW’ it gives your mind a more powerful instruction because your mind understands what ‘now’ is. It isn’t waiting around for further instruction; it is being directed to what it needs to do.

This can work with so many things we want to do in our lives. What about learning that language you have been putting off or not being able to consistently keep up with. Start eating those healthy meals, going for more walks or even writing a blog post for the business you have been dreaming of creating.

Saying I want to do this now gives your mind no room for argument and by adding expressive, powerful words that your mind understands you can become unstoppable at achieving all the goals you set for yourself.

By showing your mind what you want by saying it with powerful words, it gives your mind a picture to work towards and it also understands something even more important.

You want to do it now.

Dream it

Powerful words and vivid images

There are so many powerful words you can use to excite your mind and show it exactly what you want. By showing your mind every detail with pictures of what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and telling your mind you want to do this. By showing your mind all of this, it gives your mind a direct instruction on exactly what you want.

These powerful words include: it excites me to …, I love to do …, it thrills me to…, I am compelled to…, and many more positive works.

Start giving your mind words it understands and create a powerful image, so it knows exactly what you want.

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