A Terminal Cancer Healing

In 2012 Lizzie Emery was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Her chemotherapy was described as ‘palliative only’. Eight years on she has regained her full health and strength.

Now she has written a book which describes in detail her journey of self-healing, during which she discovers that many, many terminal cancer sufferers have followed this path. The book is called ‘Shout it from the Rooftops – A Terminal Cancer Healing’.

She decided to write it to help others who also find themselves without warning in a wilderness of fear and the unknown, where there are no signposts, and where the people to whom you turn for help on the way do not always know what to say, or make it clear that they believe you cannot possibly get to where you wish to go.

After giving us a brief story of her life up to the time of her illness and diagnosis, Lizzie describes her cancer experience in terms of a journey or pilgrimage. She explains how she built a team, and which complementary therapies, including homeopathy and yoga meditation, she found helpful. The book is full of tips on lifestyle and ways to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being; how to deal with ‘toxic’ people and events such as a phone message enquiring about your prognosis, being given a book of poems on death, or a disappointing scan result.

She does not pretend that the journey is easy or the outcome clear but shows how those who set out with faith and determination can reach their goal. At the same time she encourages loved ones and professional health workers to help cancer sufferers see beyond a dire prognosis and to support them with hope and love.

Lizzie wants to reach particularly those people who, because of the current circumstances, are being refused treatment for their cancer, to show them that there is so much that they can do for themselves.

It turns out though, that even healthy people are reading and enjoying the book. They have written to Lizzie to tell her that they find that it challenges them to change their lifestyle and diet, and to work on their personal problems and personality in a new way.

You can buy Shout it from the Rooftops: A Terminal Cancer Healing from Ebay.

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