New Trends in Yoga

I know about the traditional types of yoga – are there any modern takes on yoga now?

Whilst yoga is firmly based in ancient practise and wisdom it hasn’t stopped western practitioners from making it their own and putting their own twist on things.

  • Do you have a small dog that you love spending time with? Yes, why not try Doga! Yoga for your dog.
  • Love being in, on the water? Shine Om takes fitness and yoga to the water. Paddleboarding has become the “must do” water sport of late and Shine Om (and no doubt others) offer a beginner friendly activity practising yoga on a paddleboard. What’s there not to love!
  • Think Yoga is all about silence and introspection. Well you can think again. Here in Brighton at Lick Yoga you can try out a new yoga concept – Yoga Disco. As a separate initiative they have also introduced the “pay as you feel” yoga classes – this is becoming more and more popular here in Brighton with several “pay as you feel” initiatives e.g Real Junk Food Project Brighton – Feed Bellies not Bins!
  • Then we’ve got BoxingYoga – there’s no fighting involved but the Ashtanga postures are merged with technical aspects and strengthening exercises from a boxers training regime.
  • Ever fancied yourself as an Acrobat? Yes? Well then Acroyoga will be perfect for you.
  • How about yoga poses whilst suspended in loops of fabric? Ariel Swings yoga focuses on spinal relief whilst suspended in the air.
  • They always say Laughter is the best medicine, with this in mind why not try Laughter Yoga.

There are bound to be more out there I’ve not come across, or heard of or were even designed this very day.


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