Yoga Videos

I’m nervous about joining a class. Are there any online classes I can check out first?

We’ve shown you the benefits to be gained from practising yoga but you’re feeling a little unsure about buying a mat and joining a yoga class or don’t want to be completely clueless as to what a “downward dog or a sun salutation is”.

You will find that there are numerous websites offering yoga videos online – often for a subscription. Here at Focus On Health & Wellbeing we set out to find some great websites that offer free yoga videos to get you started.

Our favourite is this one Do yoga with me but we’ve also put together our Top 5 Great websites offering free videos all in one place for you. Try them out, have some fun and start feeling a little more comfortable about practising Yoga.


Online Yoga Classes

Whilst reading a Yoga lifestyle magazine the other day I came across several pages detailing...